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Drinks are something that many of us foodies tend to take for granted. The scrumptious elixirs can be just as delicious and mouth-watering, (pun intended), as the sustenance accompanying the swills. We are aware that many of you are currently going through a January detox to recuperate from the crazy frenzies, but let’s be honest, the rest of the year to come won’t strictly be reserved for body-cleansing –at least we hope not for your sakes! From cocktails, teas, nightcaps, to milkshakes, we have gathered a roundup of interesting thirst-quenchers that we will definitely be making (and drinking) in 2014.


Photography and recipe by Hanna for Make for 365

As seen in 2014’s Obscure Food Trends, tea is the new “it” herb in town. Although it’s said that it’ll be particularly used in soups and cooking, this does not mean that its original infused state should be dismissed. Healthy Holistic Living is sharing its nutritious blend of Turmeric Tea, which includes honey, cinnamon and coconut milk, and is ideal for those who still haven’t broken their new year’s resolution to take better care of their liver. For everyone else: read below.

Feeling naughty? We’re talking get-your-ass-to-the-gym-right-now naughty? Meet the Toffifay Cordial: a blend of butterscotch Schnapps, Frangelico and chocolate Ice Cream, and the Pecan Brittle: Also butterscotch Schnapps but with ice, milk and Pecan Liqueur. Cheers to that extra junk in the trunk Make for 365! Another mischievous one is The Rebel Kitchen’s Boozy Baileys Hot Chocolate, ideal for hangovers, cold weather, and to find motivation to go for a jog. Isn’t it worth it, though?


Photography and recipe from Divya at You Too Can

For a lighter and fresher option, how does a Coriander, Mint and Ginger Lemonade sound? You Too Can Cook shares this immune system-booster, which is perfect for detox-ers and hot summer days to come. Also worthy of warmer times is Blend With Spices’ exotic Banana and Rose Milkshake, which has had us daydreaming for a while now. This easy-peasy recipe only takes about two minutes to make and truly seems like a real treat.

For dieters, who aren’t ready to give up on booze (we hear you), these three agave nectar based cocktails are your answer for sugar guilt-free drinking. From the Fresh Start, Berry Acai Sour with blueberries, pineapple and vodka, to the G&Tea, which blends martini, gin with tea (as its name suggests), Social and Cocktail’s got you covered. If you really want to try a special (also sugar-free) drink, make yourself an Avo-Rita! Endless Simmer deliciously combines tequila, Cointreau, with avocado among other things.


Photography by Alexandra and recipe from Kim at Endless Simmer

On that note, we’ll go make ourselves a drink right about now – Cheers to the freakin’ New Year!


From Leonore Dicker
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