#FBC14 Single Early Bird Tickets – Calling Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Tech and all passionate bloggers

We all know blogging and writing are way more than just hobbies to us.

They are our passions, our outlets, our special moments and even our jobs – of course sometimes it’s no picnic and they require sacrifices and commitment.

One of the things that’s been stressed over the last year is that there’s one priceless thing that helps us all to keep going – our peers, our fellow bloggers, their support: our community! And if you remember, last year’s theme was all about just that.

Sarka Babicka

That’s why this year, we’ve decided to keep it going and welcome bloggers from all horizons to join us, to share with us their own experience and knowledge. And what better way to all come together and learn from each other than around delicious food & drinks from around the globe?

Of course, don’t you worry, our focus is and will still remain food glorious food.


Because it is so easy to get completely absorbed into our own thing and into our own niche, we’re hoping these additions of skills and perspectives from all parts of the blogging sphere will be beneficial to all.

Judge by yourself and get an idea of what last’s year speakers shared with the attendees by having a look at these #FBC5 presentations.


Here are also some of the topics we want to tackle this year and that we think will inspire and be useful to all of us bloggers – no matter our niche.

Reputation management and online presence growth
Successful sponsorship and brand collaborations over the years
Hands on SEO workshops
Monitoring and analytics tools
Styling, photography and writing
Review products, restaurant and services

And much more!

Register Here


Single Early Bird Tickets are now available at £175 until the 20/01/13


Still not sure if the conference is for you?

No worries – ping us an email with your questions or doubts and we will make sure you get all the additional information you need.


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