Call yourself a food blogger? Actually No!

 As you know Food Blogger Connect lives and breathes all things food from recipes and restaurants to new trends and upcoming chefs. Why wouldn’t we? But amongst the squillions of bloggers out there, we thought it would be interesting to see how other verticals shoe horn food food into their daily musings.

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Take Rob Lloyd a self-proclaimed ‘gregarious’ travel blogger from who says his foodie posts tend to be of the most popular. “Food is something everyone can relate to,” he says. “My travels are about meeting people, eating great food and seeing the sights. Posts I make about local food I try are some of the more popular ones. Sushi is always a sure winner! And a photo of food can often trump even the prettiest of sunsets.”

Scarlett Dixon

Food is so important to lifestyle and fashion blogger Scarlett Dixon she has dedicated an entire section of her blog to it. “I am really surprised by how popular the food section has become,” she says. “I have a mix of my own recipes and restaurant reviews with really honest opinions.”

So why does Scarlett think her food content is so popular? “People enjoy reading honest opinions especially when they are accompanied with mouth-watering pictures!” She says. “And dining out is very much seen as something ‘fashionable’ and on trend to do so it in fits my lifestyle and fashion content.”

Rob says all bloggers should include food. “Everyone can relate to food,” he says. “Food goes hand in hand with travel so it’s a perfect compliment. I can’t imagine traveling if I wasn’t able to sample some incredible cuisine at every stop and write about it.”

Monica StottTravel blogger Monica Stott explains while only 10% of her blog is foodcentric, she’d be stupid not to include food posts. “Food is such a massive part of travel and experiencing a new place,” she says. “I photograph every meal, but always opt for unusual meals I know will look beautiful to talk about it on my blog.”

While foodie posts aren’t a huge part of The Travel Hack’s identity Monica it is still important to try new food and communicate her verdicts back to her audience. “They may not travel to India like me, but they can go to their local Indian restaurant to try an amazing dish I was talking about,” she says. “And people like to have a quick snapshot of something delicious, particularly if it’s posted at lunch time!”

TravelWithBenderFor Erin who writes a mummy travel blog Travel With Bender says for her it’s about giving her family focused audience practical tips – food included.

“Our audience want to know when they travel with kids and not be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by choice,” she says. “Our 10 places to eat in New Orleans is a real hit. And recently our five places to eat in Ireland also got a ton of views. We love the food posts as much as the readers, they are super fun to write.”

Lifestyle blogger Georgina from Georgina Does admits while she doesn’t really blog about food, she really should be. “I am completely obsessed (with food). I love eating! My boyfriend and I eat out at least twice a week so I might start.” But normal nosh like noodles or pizza wouldn’t make it the final cut. “I’d only post about unusual, pretty food I enjoyed eating and looking at, because that’s what my readers would like.”

So whatever the niche, food does play a major part in all blogging. Fashion bloggers may focus on the colour or clever construction of the food (or like Taste of the Runway, playfully match catwalk pieces to designer dishes). Parenting bloggers might focus on family meals (, finance bloggers on cheap eats ( and health and fitness bloggers on nutritious bites ( So can we expect more and more bloggers to weave foodie posts into their niche blogs? “Of course,” says Erin. “Food is part of any life, spiritual, physical, travel, parenting, photography. You eat it at least three times a day so why not blog it.”

And if you’re still unsure? Food Blogger Connect aims to help bloggers from all horizons to improve the quality of their ‘food blogging’ and make new contacts. Yet another reason to sign up to our annual conference.


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Judy (@Judycogan) is a freelance journalist who started out as a hack and now writes and edits food, travel and lifestyle features for national newspapers and magazines in the UK, the Middle East and beyond. With constantly itchy feet she loves to travel and has visited countries including China, India and Norway getting involved in the local culture and making good friends as she goes – then writing about them! On Judy’s first visit to Lebanon in March she fell for the country in a big way through its delicious food and lovely people (who like to eat and drink as much as she does). A chefs dream, she likes her steaks still mooing, curries hot and is slowly learning it’s not always a good idea to announce ‘I’ll eat anything!’ in different parts of the world.


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  1. Erin Bender (Travel With Bender) December 18, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    Great post! Thanks so much for including us. We love food! I’m drooling just thinking about it 🙂

  2. Shaima Al Tamimi (Pots and Patterns) February 14, 2014 at 3:47 pm #

    This is a great and informative post. Keep it up. Greetings from the sunny Gulf of Qatar 🙂

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