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Welcome FBC Alumni Laura (@Foodie_Laura) blogging at! She is travelling from Wales and will be attending a second year this June; hear all about how she’s grown and her thoughts on blogging! 

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As an FBC Alumni, what have you most enjoyed and how has FBC helped your blog grow?

I was a first time attendee last year and it was so inspiring to meet so many bloggers, all at different stages of their journey. I’ve even launched a supper club with my Mom after attending the talks on Supper Clubs and reading Ms Marmite’s book.

Food Blogger Connect gave me a great confidence boost and I’ve tried really hard to “put myself out there”.

I’m now working with British Pork as one of their Hambassadors, championing Red Tractor pork and creating lots of wonderful pork dishes. That’s not the only change since last year, I now have a YouTube channel Foodie Laura TV (You Tube) so I’m particularly looking forward to this year’s talk on Vlogging.


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What do you like the most about blogging?

Blogging isn’t my full time job just yet but I’m now only working part time. I love the freedom and creativity of blogging and it’s been a spring board into so many other foodie avenues. I currently work in a bakery; the early hours mean I’m back home in my own kitchen every afternoon which I love.

How has blogging changed your life? 

My blog grew very naturally. I’ve always been a foodie and I used to be a Tupperware lady, going into people’s homes to give cookery demonstrations. My customers would always ask for the recipes so I started a blog with all those Tupperware utilising recipes and directed my customers to it. I soon discovered that it wasn’t just my customers that were visiting the site and found that I loved documenting what I’d been cooking. The restriction of a recipe needing to include a piece of Tupperware eventually fell way and Foodie Laura was born.

How  does blogging shape your approach to food and what you eat now? 

When I develop a recipe, I’ve made it, tweaked it and tested it many times over before it’s published on Foodie Laura which often means we end up eating the same thing over and over. Last year I followed the Great British Bake off with a bake along blog series. Every week I baked (and ate) a dish from the show. Another time, I took part in a challenge where I had to eat Turkey twice a week for a month. Blogging has made me much more aware of what I eat and where that food comes from but it does also mean we’ll eat the same thing a fair few nights in a row until that recipe is of a blog worthy standard. With so many other great blogs out there and such great local produce (I live in the Shropshire countryside) I’m never short of inspiration.


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