Bite into a healthier burger with Bit Bourbon Steamed Burgers at #FBC15 #strEATParty

Cooking up a healthier twist on burgers at #FBC15, Bit Bourbon Steamed Burgers (@Bit_Burgers) returns featuring their steamed burgers with a bourbon aroma on Sunday’s #strEATParty. Find them on Instagram to take a look at these tasty burgers and read all about them here!

Bit Bourbon Steamed Burgers LogoWhat can  FBC attendees expect from you at the event?

We will be presenting Steamed Burgers, more specifically, BOURBON steamed burgers. By steaming the burgers you will cause all the fat to melt through the meat, leaving behind its delicious flavour while the end product will be healthier, leaner. The steaming process ensures that the meat retains its juiciness regardless. Our quirk in here is to use bourbon in the steamer adding that extra aroma and taste to the patties. It makes all the difference. The cheese is equally steamed and the end product is a gorgeous gooey burger, full of flavour and less of a ‘heart attack’.

Nevertheless, the use of the steamer proved to be laborious and impractical in a market stall or busy festivals. With the aid of a ‘lid’, we have adapted our steaming technique to be done over a griddle; the lid locks the steam in, adding flavour and juiciness to the burgers in the process. At the FBC this will be no different. We will feature the ‘steamer steamed burgers’ as our signature burger on the menu along side its griddle cousins.





Where can we find you trading? Where can we find your products?FUN TEAM FUN COSTUMERS

Camden Lock Market
Camden Stables Market
Portobello Green Market
London Zoo Sunset Safari 2015
Other events and markets throughout the summer will be announced on our Facebook page (

Tell us a little bit about who you are – your influences and your inspirations? How did you get started?

Our original product idea was for a burger that would be not only scrumptiously messy and tasty but also on the healthier side of the scale. After watching an episode of ‘Man vs Food’ where Connecticut steamed burgers were features, we had our hearts settles that steamed burgers were the way to go. We had been helping a friend with her own street food venture and were strongly influenced by her to start something ourselves (check ‘La Porca’ for an amazing pulled pork experience).

messy heavenWhy have you chosen this route and what do you love most about street food and trading?

Starting through a market stall is relatively easier and less risky money wise. You can daily adapt and improve your product. Rent is reasonably cheaper than in a fixed shop and allows you to have the capital to invest back in your product. It can be hard work, I mean, 24/7 hard work but it is worth it; it is pleasurable. You can be as creative as you like a minimal risk. Your earnings are directly linked with your input.

If you could cook for anyone – dead or alive, cook/celebrity/public figure – anyone! who would it be and why?

Tough one, and not really sure of the answer, but it would be lovely to watch HM eating a big messy burger!

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience?

We use social media to promote our business and we hope food bloggers will help us to promote the steamed burger in the UK. It is relatively well known in the US through books and TV documentaries alike, but not at all in the UK. They are truly juicy and lovely and healthier etc, so we hope food bloggers can get behind us on this and spread the word via social media.

How do you intend to stay true to your brand, while expanding in the future?cool marketing I WANNA BE INSIDE OF YOU

We intend to split our time into our main true product, The Bourbon Steamed Burger, while diversifying and doing other catering events with new products as well as running pub kitchens.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the street trader scene?

My advice is not to wait until you have it ‘perfect’ to start. Put together an idea, apply for a position in a market and/or festival and go from there. If you get accepted, run and buy your equipment…don’t buy new to begin with, make sure your product works first before further investing. Don’t despair if it doesn’t seem to work…perseverance is key…adapt, improve, change if needed, evolve!

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often, what would it be any why?

Camden Lock Market StallFAT BURGERS, nahh kidding. Eat fatty fish more often if anything, I hate to say. Will keep your brain going with all the Omega 3, will make your kids more clever and will keep your good cholesterol in check, apparently.











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