Bit Burgers Steam Up the #FBC14 strEAT Party!

The #FBC14 strEAT Party is steamin’ and we are proud to introduce Bit Bourbon Steamed Burgers (@Bit_Burgers) to the community of international bloggers and to hear about the real challenges in being a street feeder! 

Bit Burger

The Steam burger is the best kept secret in New England, only well known in central Connecticut. It is especially popular in Meriden and Middletown with both of these cities competing for the honour of originating this ‘steamed’ delight. There’s a ‘wold famous’ version, served since 1959, at Ted’s Restaurant. Since its opening, the burger joint was featured in George Motz‘s Hamburger America, the book as well as the film, and on the TV show Man v. Food, which has further helped its growing worldwide popularity. One evening while watching TV at home, I saw the episode of Man vs Food featuring the Steam burgers. Up until now I had never heard of it! It looked so yummy in the telly that made me want to eat one… One not make them over here? Why not sell them? We have a few friends working with food stall and had been discussing starting our own.. Once I saw the steam burgers, I knew that was the right product for us.

Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year! IMG-20140302-WA0014

We believe FBC will be a great event to make the product known to whom haven t heard of steam burgers yet. It is a must try thing, it is juicy and gooey yummy.

What will you be featuring to connect with the community of bloggers? 

I would like to introduce you to the Burger tender, often called a Steam cheese burger chest, or simply Steamer. Steam burgers are cooked in a steam oven and topped with equally steamed cheese. The result is a gooey melted effect that covers the burger perfectly.

Both burgers and cheeses portions are slotted individually into ‘little’ baking trays in the steamer. The process ensures that the meat retains its juiciness and flavours while making it into a healthier, leaner version. The majority of the fat is lost out of the burgers and disposed from the bottom of the trays at the end of the steaming process; the same happens with the cheese. Regardless, the meat retains the lovely taste fat gives to it, as the fat melts through the burger leaving its residue. Additional flavours are often added into the burgers through seasoning the water used during the steaming process. Due to its characteristics, the burger attracts both fast food and healthy food enthusiasts.

FBC14-FoodBloggerConnect-Register-TodayWhat other events do you take part in throughout the year? 

We currently trade 7 days a week at the Camden Lock side market as well as Sundays, at the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane. There are other locations we do now and then around Brick Lane, like some Saturdays at the Boyler House or Sundays at the ‘Backyard’ market. This summer we will be at the ‘Zoo Lates’ which is very exciting. It is a fun event and we are sure it will be great to make our stall more known in the street food scene.

What challenges do you think traders face in establishing their set ups?

The beginning is normally tough. We are only just starting ourselves and are struggling a bit getting the logistics right = ). But it is all part of it, you got to know your product, try to continuously improve it, continuously bring your costs down and continuously push it forward.

When growing, it is also key to find the right people to work at the stall for you to allow you to explore other trading locations. Unfortunately, finding the right staff has been a huge set back as we often find ourselves trying to be at two or more spots at the same time not to miss any opportunity.

Stall top view

How can a successful restaurant or eatery grow and expand without losing it’s heart and soul and staying true to its food and ethos?

I think you have to have your mind set at where you want to get while having a clear understanding that the road might not be as straight forward as you had seen it. It is easy to lose focus and forget where you are coming from and what direction you ought to follow. I believe it is a continuous exercise to remind yourselves of where you actually want to get. Focus, determination and hard working. Some of the popular Burger places in London today have started as food stalls/burgers vans.


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