Authentic, Fresh and Gourmet ‘Paella and Tapas’ at the #FBC14 strEAT Party!


Get a taste of Paella and Tapas at #FBC14 this June! Simon Tupper and Raul Diaz from Paella & Tapas (@paellaandtapaswill be serving up a storm at the #FBC14 strEAT party and connecting to the international community of food bloggers!

simonandraulWhat can FBC attendees expect from you at the event?

We serve high quality gourmet Paella made with the freshest ingredients. Our specialties are Paella Valenciana , Paella de Marisco and Arroz Negro.

Where can you usually be found trading?

We trade at the R3d Market in Old Street

How did you hear about FBC?

We found out about FBC through the internet. We want to use our presence at FBC as a tool to grow our business by showing to new people the quality of our product.

Tell us a little bit about who you are.

We started this business a couple of years ago. We, Raul The Chef and Simon The artist, had a lunch with friends in which we cooked Paella. We realized how good the product was to be sold as street food. So we decided to serve authentic Paella in London street markets. And now we are focused on the gourmet side of Paella. These days Paella is a very known dish but it is quite difficult to find proper Paella in London’s food markets.


Our aim is to combine Raul’s Spanish roots as a traditional chef and Simon’s artistic roots. Then the customer gets an authentic Spanish gourmet product made by a Spanish Chef and the product is sold in a stall designed by a young local artist.

Our set-up tends to be simple, clear and neat. We are not opposed to overdecorated stalls but it’s just not our style. Our image is sober and professional.

We would like to grow our brand by keeping our product authentic and fresh. We think there is a market in London for ‘Gourmet Paella’.

What other events do you take part in throughout the year?

Usually we take part in one day events or private parties. The last event was on 16th May at Battersea Park for the Charity Right To Play. We also worked at R3d Market (Old Street) for the last two summers.

paellaraulredAre you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs? 

We are just beginners in this ‘blog world’. We expect to see any kind of bloggers. We are starting from scratch and we think this a good place to be if we want our business to grow.

Do you have a blog?

We don’t have a blog at the moment but we plan to start one very soon.

If you could cook for anyone – dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Ferran Adria (Spanish Chef). He revolutionized world gastronomy. His motto is ‘Creativity is not copying’.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Fruits. Its vitamins are vital these days to survive in this over-stressed world.

How can a successful restaurant or eatery grow and expand without losing it’s heart and soul and staying true to its food and ethos- any examples of any one who has achieved this?

Always keep high standards. We think fresh high quality ingredients, presentation and fast and gentle service are the key to keep on growing.




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