Alma de Cuba – taste the world’s best Cuban coffee at the #FBC14 strEAT Party!


The world’s favourite coffee is back and coming to the #FBC14 strEAT Party!

Alma de Cuba (@almadecuba), a new single-origin coffee, is on a mission to restore Cuban coffee (once the world’s favourite) back to its rightful position. 

In the 1940s, Cuba was the world’s biggest exporter of coffee, shipping 20,000 tonnes of beans every year. But by 2012, Cuban coffee production was in what seemed like terminal decline. It looked like nothing could save it until now…

Alma De Cuba

A uniquely smooth but strong, rich and nectarous coffee with a clean taste and medium body, Alma de Cuba is presented in beautifully designed tins and bags whose bold graphics channel the spirit of Cuban art and evoke the soul of this remarkable country – as well as the soul of the coffee itself. Grown in the rich, fertile soils of the mountains overlooking the Caribbean – this is one of the best coffee-growing climates anywhere in the world.


Through a carefully built partnership with the Cubans, Alma de Cuba is working towards supplying Cuba’s mountain coffee farmers with the tools they need to help re-establish Cuba’s coffee crops and deliver superb coffee beans which are batch roasted in small quantities and shipped to order.



What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event? 

Attendees will be given a chance to get a taste of the world’s best cuban coffee – Alma de Cuba throughout the weekend at the outdoor strEAT Party, all day – every day!

Alma de Cuba  small

Each young coffee plant is tended to each day by the mountain farmers – or ‘campesinos’ – who carefully harvest the precious cherries with un-gloved hands, ensuring each one is kept in perfect condition.

They use omnigrind for Cuban coffee beans,  a medium-high roast which makes them ideal for making pretty much all kinds of coffee-making, including cafetieres, espresso machines, bean-to-cup machines, percolators or simple coffee filters.

These superb coffee beans, which haven’t been readily available for 50 years, are then batch roasted in small quantities and shipped to order.

In addition, we have just launched Alma de Cuba’s new lower cost Espresso/Cafecito roast which will be available throughout FBC!

Cafecito is Cuban for a ‘traditional strong, sweet espresso’. Boasting an intensely bright but balanced lingering finish, the new Alma de Cuba roast is darker to reflect demand from coffee shops, restaurants and hotels using espresso machines, as well as consumers.

Alma de Cuba - range

We’re also giving bloggers the opportunity to joint the Cuban coffee revolution with a selfie competition to win an Alma de Cuba coffee subscription at #FBC14!

We’ll have a print of Miguel our Cuban farmers for bloggers to take a selfie with at the strEAT Party! Send us a photo of you and Miguel (our lovely Cuban Farmer) on Twitter #almadeselfie and join the Cuban Coffee revolution!

Alma de Cuba Selfie

What other events do you take part in throughout the year?

In addition to FBC, Alma de Cuba will be sampling at Brighton Fringe in May and Nomad outdoor Cinema dung the summer.

Are you a fan of bloggers? 

Absolutely! We follow all sorts of bloggers – from food, travel, lifestyle – they are hugely influential to what we do. Also we are an online business so social media plays a big role and we’re looking forward to meeting all the bloggers at FBC this June!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Absolutely, Alma de Cuba is on a mission to bring back the world’s favourite coffee and will be shinning a light on Cuba with a featured documentary on Cuba’s re-budding coffee industry by documenting the farmers who are at its heart. Check out our Kickstarter campaign and help us spread the message to share their story and re-establish their coffee crops! 

Alma de cuba kickstarter FBC14-FoodBloggerConnect-Register-Today


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