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While most attendees at FBC fund themselves, sometimes food bloggers might need someone to give them a helping hand! As such, we’ve created our recipe to ‘Adopt a Food Blogger.’ This is a super attractive opportunity for brands and bloggers to connect and, as we’re a flexible bunch at FBC (you decide how to interpret that), we’re open to you deciding what form you want the representation to take. Please remember that, to make FBC happen, there are many official sponsors of the conference whose toes we don’t want to step on – after all, to pull out another cliché, too many cooks spoil the broth. As such, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines to make this ‘Adopt a Food Blogger’ recipe a steaming success.

What’s in it for your personal sponsor?

Well, that’s up to you! While your sponsor won’t get the benefits of an official FBC brand partner, as long as you adhere to the guidelines, you can offer them whatever you or they might want. This might, for instance, entail a blog post or two about the product/company; specialised reviews; taking wonderful photographs; providing written content; offering ad space or brand content on your site; social media mentions; sponsor information on your business card; consultation services, a giveaway on your site or even, provide your personal sponsor with a custom integrated campaign to work with and meet the business needs of the brand. It’s literally at your discretion what you want to offer – just as long as you’re not a walking, talking, distributing billboard at the event.

When approaching companies and brands, don’t get hung up on site stats and numbers – potential sponsors may ask for these but it’s your authentic voice as a blogger that is so valuable and attractive to sponsors. Demonstrate that you write regularly and highlight where people have commented on your blog. Show where you’ve done a good job; demonstrate that you understand and are interested in their product yourself.


No Unsolicited Post Please!

FBC is all about community and, in our books, a community is a happy space. We’re all already overwhelmed with getting random catalogues you haven’t ordered through our letterboxes at home and attendees don’t want the same thing happening at FBC. Thus, we ask that you don’t start handing out literature, gifts or, of course, those random catalogues at the event itself. Just as when that person you’ve been flirting with doesn’t ask for your phone number before you part ways at the end of the evening, if someone doesn’t ask specifically for more information, best to assume they’re not interested…


Surely you don’t want a custard pie to the face!

Of course, there may be times when you witness people violating the above guidelines. While our initial advice would be a free flavour of custard to the face (or a quick right hook), if that doesn’t work, then we suggest you get in touch with one of the organisers on the FBC Team and let them know. There are always a couple of heavies hanging around and they’ll know what to do. It may even result in their FBC pass being revoked…


What if my brand wants more?

Well…funny you should ask because FBC has a full range of customised packages for brands wanting to get the full benefits of sponsoring the event. Whilst this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still adopt a struggling blogger – the more people onboard and connected the merrier – it allows them to have a more inclusive presence with tailored activity at the conference itself. Not only that but, until the end of the month, we’re offering 10% discount for all official sponsors. Get in touch with us at


So, what happens next?

We leave this part up to you…basically, when you’re ready to register via the eventbrite link, you should do it yourself and in your own name to ensure that we have all the attendees provide us with the relevant information we need. This is, ultimately, for your benefit as this gives us the necessary insight to mould the conference to the needs of the individual and, of course, the blogging community. How your sponsor pays you – whether cash transfer, cheque or one dollar bills stuffed down your pants/a brown paper envelope in an abandoned parking lot – is completely your decision.

Of course, if any “orphans” in the blogosphere have approached sponsors in the past, and have tips for those first timers looking to get adopted, then we’d love to hear about your experiences! By the same sentiment, if you’re new to this (or, even if you’re not) and have any more questions, just ask away below.


Thus, what’s the perfect recipe?

Serves: 1

Cooking Time: #FBC15 3 day Weekend



1. Send a proposal containing your blog bio and a range of options

2. Do your homework on the brand you are approaching – tailor the presentation to them

3. Make sure you include your contact details and a pic of yourself

4. Do approach companies in plenty of time; sponsorship decisions sometimes take a while to agree

5. Do be confident that you have something to offer; your authentic voice and blogger reputation is valuable

6. Check the terms of your blog host first. for instance, has rules about accepting ads or sponsors.

7. Do include the whole reach of your network in your proposal detail. How many people interact with you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr etc. all counts.

8. Most importantly, remember your worth and bear in mind your hourly rate when negotiating with a brand, as it is easy to offer loads, and end up doing 40 hours work in return for the ticket.



1. Hand out literature or gifts at the conference on behalf of your sponsor

2. Wear sponsor branded clothing or badges at the conference

3. Over promise; commit to what you can realistically deliver within your time available and within the conference guidelines 


We want FBC to be a place full of smiley people, connecting on a personal and professional level! We truly believe that, if you keep to this simple recipe, ‘Adopt a Food Blogger’ will be a great addition to this year’s ingredients for success.



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