A Warm #FBC5 Welcome to Tina at The Spicy Pear

We’re welcoming newbie blogger Tina (@theSpicyPears) to FBC for the first time this year, hoping to learn more about blogging and food styling. Find Tina online at The Spicy Pear .

What are you most looking forward to about #FBC5?

I am looking forward to meeting likeminded people, learning from the experts and sampling some delicious food. I also want to get some tips on how to improve my blog.

What motivated you to blog about food and how has food blogging changed your life?

Since getting married I have become a lot more experimental with my food and I wanted to start a blog to document my recipes and experiences along the way. I have become more adventurous in my cooking, tasting different ingredients and even recreating dishes that I have eaten restaurants, such as the infamous custard buns you find in many Chinese restaurants in London.

Do you blog full time or, if not, what’s your day job? What does your family/partner think of your blog?

I don’t get the opportunity to blog as much as I would like to, especially as my husband and I have recently stared a mobile loyalty service called thePointr, targeting independent retail businesses. It is an exciting time for both of us but it does take me away from my blog. I have so many ideas that I want to write about but I need to be better at setting time aside in the week to work on the blog.

What are your future aspirations for the blog? From where do you get inspiration and who taught you to cook?

I still feel very new to blogging and haven’t really thought about a direction for my blog. I think, the next year for me will be about soaking up the experiences and letting my blog grow organically.

My interest in cooking developed from watching my mum and grandma in the kitchen from a young age. I also draw inspiration from travelling, reading cookbooks and magazines, watching food shows and eating out.

Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely? Tell us something you learned from reading blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?

I enjoy reading a variety of blogs including Eat Like A Girl, Scandilicious, Ren Behan, David Lebovitz and Smitten Kitchen. It’s not just about the recipes, I love when they write something about their culture or some place they have just been to. I find it fascinating.

Blogs are also useful to learn how to photograph and style food, something I want to get better at.

What’s your favourite/least favourite food? What’s been your ultimate meal to date? And what would your last meal be?

I don’t really have a favourite food, I like exploring and tasting all kinds of cuisines and I like too much of everything to have a favourite dish. That said, if I had to have one last meal it would have to be my mum’s chicken biryani, with a cooling cucumber raita on the side. Every mouthful takes me back to my childhood and leaves me with a smile.

How many cookbooks do you own? Who is your favourite celebrity chef and and who is your favourite food writer? Why?

I own tonnes and tonnes of cookbooks. I could spend hours just leafing through the pages staring at the pretty pictures.

I don’t really have a favourite celebrity chef, although I do like the simplicity of Nigel Slater and Rick Stein’s food.

What’s your signature dish? If you want us to feature your favourite recipe from your own blog, include the link here!

Chapli kebabs, they are really easy to make, taste divine and are a big hit among my friends and family. The dish is popular in Pakistan and Afghanistan and is traditionally made of minced beef but in my version I prefer to use minced lamb.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? What’s the hottest item on your shopping list? (can be current foodie favourite or a desired gadget/book etc)

My favourite tool is my Global knives and I would love to get my hands on a Vitamix.


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