A Big Alumi Welcome to Get It Right at #FBC15

We are delighted to announce GIR: Get It Right (@GIR) as a returning brand partner for #FBC15! 



The original idea behind GIR was to take a fresh, simple approach to product design in general… we figured that that path might take us anywhere from kitchen utensils to bike gear, and wanted to start with a single core product and expand one step at a time from there. But the early feedback we received on our first product, the Ultimate Spatula, seemed to suggest that we’d hit on something big in the kitchen: our fans respond to fun, smart innovations that disrupt the status quo in an otherwise saturated marketplace.

We’re not interested in gadgets for gadgets’ sake. GIR is about designs that take something that’s always been “good enough,” turn it on its head, and make a statement with a new design that not only solves a problem (big or small, obvious or sneaky) but makes everyone happy at the same time. That’s the universe we’re really excited to explore.


Connecting Brands


Sarka Babicka

How will you be featuring your product to connect with the community of bloggers?

We’re so excited to be a part of the FBC community as we grow and add new products to our line. We’re bringing back the Ultimate Spatula for all the gift bags, and have a lot of new items to showcase as well. We’re especially excited about the Mini Flip and Spoon, which are so darn cute!

How can other non-registered bloggers get their hands on your product?lime-family-raw-1

We’re available internationally at productofgir.com, and also at Amazon.com. The productofgir.com website also lists a variety of wonderful independent retailers worldwide that stock our designs.

How have you connected with the online community and how has it helped?

One of the most satisfying elements of our design process has been to see the community response to our mission to “get it right.” Hundreds of great ideas and requests have poured in for the next product from GIR. We love the idea that our newest designs will always be the brainchild of that community. It’s a privilege to be able to filter those ideas through a strong point of view and choose the next adventure, so to speak. Given the wealth of ideas and inspiration, we’re convinced that if we employ the same process to distill, redesign, prototype, and test them in pursuit of a great product – just as we did to create the Ultimate Spatula – we’ll end up with a fantastic result that everybody can love.

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

Social media has allowed us to be a part of the vibrant conversation happening among bloggers, consumers, and brands. We’ve encountered a world of voices that we might not ever have been able to connect with in previous decades – or even just a few short years ago.



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