60 Seconds With Zoe Harris of Gourmande Abroad

Today we are meeting the lovely Zoe Harris from Paris. Zoe Harris is the food blogger behind Gourmande Abroad.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Reading food writers for the writing, for food, anything I come across that’s different, unusual.

What do you find most challenging about blogging

Getting it all together. Photos, story and recipe. The photos more than anything, I still need help! And a good camera.

What’s your favorite part of the food blogging process?

The research. I spend so much of my time on breadcrumb trails…

How has food blogging changed your life?

It’s cementing what’s become the only thing I’ve ever been seriously into.

Do you blog full time? What’s your day job?

I feel like I’m blogging full-time, there’s always something floating around in my head. But otherwise I’m stuck in front of a computer five days a week correcting mistakes.

Tell us something you learned from reading blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?

That I am not alone!

How many cookbooks do you own?

I think I rival 101 Cookbooks. Plus memoirs with recipes, chefs’ stories… Even the novels I read now are food-orientated.

What’s the hottest item on your shopping list?

A Thermomix has to be the Rolls, but am trying to resist the Cuisinart ice-cream maker that David Lebovitz has.

What celebrity or celebrity chef would you most like to break bread with? Why?

First I thought of several French chefs like Thierry Marx or Marc Veyrat, but then I thought Anna Del Conte. She’s much more down to earth and I’ve just read her memories with recipes, which I loved. Plus I think she lives down the road from where I grew up on the Somerset/Dorset border, which is still ‘home’ in England. Also, my favorite celebrity chef is French chef Thierry Marx. I suppose he’s celeb now because he judges Top Chef in France. But he’s very zen, and has a wide-ranging culinary repertoire, part El-Bulli, part down to earth.


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