60 seconds with London-based @theworktop joining us at #FBC15

London-based Tina Jui (@TheWorktop) from breakfast and brunch blog The Worktop is very excited about coming to FBC for the first time this year.


What are you most looking forward to at #FBC15?

I’m really looking forward to meeting other food bloggers. I love putting a face to a blog. I also find that food bloggers are a fun and creative bunch, so I can’t wait to meet everyone at the conference.

Is blogging your full time job? If not, what’s your day job?

I love blogging and am making it into a full time job for myself. But I also work part time at a coffee shop as a barista because I love chatting with the customers. I find that it gives me inspiration for dishes to cook and topics to write about.

How do you think brands can work better with bloggers?

I love working with brands that I respect. I only blog about products that I would use in my kitchen on a regular basis. I think bloggers can really help brands personalize a product because bloggers are real people using the branded products publicly. I really appreciate when a brand treats me as one of their team members and ambassadors, rather than just a “product reviewer”.

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What motivated you to blog?

I started the blog when I got married, and quit my lawyer job in Los Angeles and moved to London to be with my husband. It was a fresh start for me, and since food has always been my interest and passion, I decided to focus on it. Blogging was a natural transition at that time because I could use it to write about my new life in London. One of my first few posts was actually done in Los Angeles airport on my move over to London!

What’s your signature dish?

I love coffee – my signature dish is cotton candy coffee!


Who are your favourite bloggers?

I love reading David Lebovitz. He has interesting stories about living in Paris and his recipes are amazing. I also enjoy reading Lottie + Doof. I love his simple writing style and varied topics.

Do you think supper clubs have had their day?

I love supper clubs and I definitely do not think they have had their day! I just hosted my first pop-up brunch club in my home last weekend. It was incredible meeting new people and chatting with them over food that I had prepared. I can’t wait to host a brunch club again.

What makes a good cookbook in your eyes?

I own way too many cookbooks but at the same time, I feel like not enough! They form a great long line across the top of my kitchen cabinets. To me, a good cookbook includes personal and interesting stories, and challenges me to cook something new. I love reading about how a cookbook author developed the recipe, or where they get their inspiration from. Ottolenghi is incredible at doing this. My most recent cookbook is The Fresh Vegan Kitchen by David and Charlotte Bailey. I wrote a review on my blog, and I absolutely love the book because of the interesting and beautiful recipes. By the end of the book, I had forgotten it was even a vegan cookbook!

How is your lifestyle shaped by blogging?

My blog shapes my lifestyle – and my lifestyle shapes my blog. I blog about breakfast and brunch because that is my favorite meal of the day, and I love eating breakfast and brunch. It is such an important meal of the day so I never want to miss it. I share recipes that I enjoy making in my own kitchen, so I’ll normally happily cook, photo and eat. But on the lazy days that I don’t want to make breakfast, the blog does keep me in check 🙂 I’ll make myself something to eat just because I can’t be a breakfast and brunch blogger, and skip that meal!

Do you have a favourite kitchen appliance?

I have such a love for kitchen appliances! Right now, I couldn’t live without my juicer, hand blender and waffle maker and crepe pan. But I’ve been wishing for an espresso maker at home. I’ve had my eye on the Sage by Heston range and I’m madly in love with it.



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