60 seconds with Rosella from Rome, Italy

Traveling from Rome, Italy Rossella Di Bidino is the food blogging soul behind Ma che ti sei mangiato (@rossella76). Her blog name could be translated to “What have you eaten?”. Rossella’s blog tries to express her guinea pig’s ability to eat almost everything that she cooks.

What’s your signature dish?
Bread and biscuits. I started from a biscuits recipe and learn to make sourdough bread thanks to the blog.

What’s the hottest item on your shopping list?
Beers. I try to learn how to match beer and food together.

Do you have a favourite food writer and why?
MFK Fischer, above all. She is able to communicate food sensations in a way I can’t find in any other food writer.


What are you most looking forward to about #FBC12?
To meet other food bloggers from all over the world and learn and share experiences on the food blogging life.

What motivated you to blog about food?
My passion for food, that was my primary reason to start to write a food blog. In time it has been an opportunity to learn more about food.

How has food blogging changed your life?
It changed my approach to food and to people. Food blogging gave me new energy, optimism and courage in human relationship. I dare more in my food blogging life that in my professional life.

What do you find most challenging about food blogging?
To go along my way while monitoring web trends and “competition”.

What does your partner think of your blog?
My husband tries to moderate me sometimes. He is the official guinea pig of the blog.

Future aspirations for the blog?
To improve it from a tech point of view. Meanwhile I work on my writing style.


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