60 seconds with London local Ceri of Cucina Ceri

Ceri Jones is the food blogger behind Cucina Ceri (@cucinaceri).  Her blog features recipes influenced by Paleo nutrition and focuses on clean, natural and unprocessed foods.

What motivated you to blog about food?
My friends were continuously asking me for my recipes so instead of writing them down on a notepad I decided to blog them for the world to see.

What are you most looking forward to about FBC12?
Meeting lots of other like-minded people. My family and friends who don’t blog I am sure get sick of me talking about it!

What’s your signature dish?
Moroccan baked Chicken – an easy and fail proof favourite

What’s your least favorite food?
New potato skins make me heave, plus I hate dill.

Any comical kitchen failures?
Yes many, I’m clumsy – best recent example being my Ghee making experiment. After boiling the butter, I poured it into a plastic(!) container which unsurprisingly melted, then burst flooding my kitchen with hot, liquid butter.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Cook books, the internet, dinners out, TV programmes.

What’s your favourite part of the food blogging process? And the most negative?
Having great feedback from readers, it makes it all worthwhile.

Spending too long worrying why a particular post didn’t get many views, and feeling inadequate when comparing myself to other more successful bloggers.

How has food blogging changed your life?
I spend a lot of time eating cold dinners, since chasing the perfect photograph always takes longer than intended, and by then my hot food is cold!

Future aspirations for the blog?
I would love to have my recipes printed in a book!

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
You have to be good at everything. Becoming a better photographer is my latest challenge. I am still using the automatic switch on the camera.


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