60 seconds with Kellie of Food to Glow

Traveling from Edinburgh, Kellie is the food blogger behind Food to Glow (@foodtoglow).  She features healthy, plant-based recipes on her blog.

What motivated you to blog about food?
Foodtoglow started as an extension to my cancer nutrition work that I do with the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, a fabulous network of cancer support centres that help people to deal with their diagnosis. But I emphasise healthy recipes not cancer, so now I think most people who read me don’t even know what I do in ‘real life.’

What are you most looking forward to about FBC12?
Other than meeting people that I follow and learn from, the photography session and the anything to do with SEO and the technical side of blogging. Must. Do. Better.

What would your last meal be?
My last meal would be anything made by Alice Waters. Or, if she were unavailable (due to her being considerably older than me), I would request my husband’s mutton curry with homemade naan and lots of mango chutney and pickled things.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Obviously I read around other blogs, flick through magazines (I love Waitrose’s one), and have a crazy Amazon habit, but I also very vivid food dreams, and often wake early to scribble down something before it fades away with dawn’s light. Husband hates this, obviously.

What’s your favourite part of the food blogging process? And the most negative?
I love getting an idea and hoping that it might be original. Rarely happens but it is quite exciting when it does. I used to dread taking photos, but I love that now. Still rubbish at it but it doesn’t seem to take as much time, or annoy my family as much as it used to.

Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely?
I love a lot of the American bloggers as I am American and living in the UK it is good to read them for a bit of weird homesickness – and recipes. I love too many UK ones to start naming, and I would be gutted if I missed someone out!

Do you blog full time? What’s your day job?
I love my work as a cancer health educator and nutritionist with the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. I also develop recipes to inflict on my nutrition classes and clients, some of which I blog about.

Favorite kitchen tool/appliance?
I love my scary big Japanese chef’s knife and my Magimix Cuisine 5200. Both were present from my very sweet husband (it certainly beats getting underwear!)

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
Finding the time is the trickiest thing about blogging while working and being a mother of a teenager who often brings home other teenagers (no peace!). I often wake very early to get writing done. And I have to say that photographing food in a Scottish winter is no joke. Biggest bugbear, for sure. More than marauding, hungry teens.

What effects do you think the rise of blogging has had?
I think the rise of blogging has given many more people voices as well as opportunities to connect & share. It seems a hugely healthy and hopefully fulfilling and productive thing to do. It certainly has been for me.



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    Meet Kellie from @foodtoglow attending #FBC12 this weekend http://t.co/d58xWIPj

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    RT @bloggerconnect: Meet Kellie from @foodtoglow attending #FBC12 this weekend http://t.co/d58xWIPj

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    60 seconds with Kellie of Food to Glow @BloggerConnect http://t.co/ofhGtKks So looking forward to meeting you @foodtoglow #FBC12

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    60 seconds with Kellie of Food to Glow http://t.co/bZ8JK6JC via @bloggerconnect @foodtoglow Another favourite!

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