60 seconds with Julie Elliott aka Angelina Cupcake

This year will be cupcake connoisseur Julie Elliott’s (@anglelinacupacakefirst time at Food Blogger Connect, and she can’t wait to catch up with old friends and meet new ones too!

Angelina CupcakeWhat first motivated you to blog?

My blog started when I launched my business Angelina Cupcake. It was a way to share recipes and pictures of my sweet creations. I am a passionate foodie, not just a baker, so over the years the blog has diversified into savoury, as well as sweet recipes. I’ve just launched a ‘desserts’ pop-up with plans for four dates this year. And future plans for a cookbook too!

Is blogging your full time job?

I’d love blogging and writing to be my full time job,,, that’s the aim anyway! I also have a part time job, it pays the bills and fits in with my family and lifestyle. Being mum to twin 10-year-old boys keeps me busy too!

Which other bloggers do you follow?

I met Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes a couple of years ago at another blogging event. She gave me some really good advice and was very helpful. I continue to follow her writings regularly. Another blog I like to read is Karen at Lavender and Lovage. I love her styling and her food photography is just stunning.

Which cookbook do you return to time and time again?

I’m told I own too many cookbooks but I think there is always room for one more. I love finding little gems in second hand book shops. I recently picked up a first edition of Marco Pierre-White’s White Heat and an old Floyd on France. One of my favourite cookbooks at the moment is Sweet Mandarin by Lisa and Helen Tse. I love Asian food and the recipes in here are simple to follow and always turn out amazing! My other go-to book is Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy.

register-todayWhat’s on your foodie wish-list right now?

I love to travel and experience the cultures of different countries through their food. Trips this year include Norway, the Savoie in France, Bologna, Corsica and Sardinia. I always try to eat where the locals would eat and visit the local markets to buy fresh produce. There are two destinations on my must-visit list of places… San Sebastian, the home of great tapas bars and amazing restaurants and Tokyo, which has the most Michelin stars in the world.

What other influences or interests would you say make for a great food?

I like to incorporate travel into my blog because that’s what I enjoy writing about. I think that blogging encourages me to try new methods and recipes, experiment a little, because I know if it works out I’ll have something to write about and share. Even my boys ask if they’re allowed to eat now, knowing that mum always wants to take foodie photos first!

What are you looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year?

I’m looking forward to meeting new foodie friends and catching up with old friends too! I can’t wait to see the schedule of events and workshops.



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