60 Seconds with Jennifer Eremeeva from The Moscovore

Today we are meeting the lovely Jennifer Eremeeva who divides her time between Moscow, Russia and Massachusettes, USA. Jennifer is the food blogger behind The Moscovore  (launching September 1, 2011)

What motivated you to blog about food?

I’ve lived in Moscow, Russia for the last 18 years, and sourcing food and figuring out how to adapt Western recipes to what is available in Russia has been my passionate hobby for many of those years. Russia has taught me to be a dedicated and creative cook and my blog is designed to share that passion with others.

Where do you get inspiration from?

The challenge of making it all come together in a city designed to make it all flop.

What’s your favorite part of the food blogging process?

I love the photography and the drive to get the recipe just right.


How has food blogging changed your life?

My blog goes live on September 1st of this year and although I am a full time writer and blogger, this is my first money making blogging gig and I’m excited to see if I can make it work.

Favorite kitchen tool/appliance?

Favorite tool is the microplane or the onion goggles, but nothing beats the Cuisinart.

Future aspirations for the blog?

I’m hoping it will touch people’s lives and make them passionate about finding good food and not thinking that the challenges of cooking in Russia are overwhelming.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

You have to keep doing it.

Who is your favourite celeb chef and why?

Jamie Oliver is doing some amazing things, but Christopher Kimball and his team at America’s Test Kitchen rule the roost as far as I am concerned.

What does your family/partner think of your blog?

He’s hoping I’ll finally make some money, but has actually been incredibly supportive, including really encouraging me to attend this conference!




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  1. Alison Buttenheim August 9, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    Jennifer’s blog sounds great, but I have to quibble with her Christopher Kimball fandom. Does anyone else hate his Cook’s Illustrated editorials? Enough with the rural Vermont faux-folksky hunting-fetishist nostalgia fests!

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