60 seconds with Jacqueline of How to be a Gourmand

Currently splitting her time between London and Hong Kong, Jacqueline places an emphasis on “more time eating, less time cooking” in her blog How to be a Gourmand (@how2beagourmand).

What’s your least favorite food?

Where do you get inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from various sources: street food experiences, restaurant menu spotting, food programmes, cooking masterclasses, fellow bloggers and my French mother-in-law!

What’s your favourite part of the food blogging process? And the most negative?
Sharing my experiences and finding a connection with like minded foodies.  The most negative is the time it takes (especially if I experience technical problems!)

How has food blogging changed your life?
It has allowed me to capture and record my culinary creations, it has helped me improve my photography skills, it has encouraged me to experiment more with dishes and it has allowed me to make contact with a like-minded and supportive blogging community.

Favorite kitchen tool/appliance?
Nothing fancy but a simple gadget like a garlic press is something I couldn’t do without! I use it practically everyday and much prefer it to chopping with a knife.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
Technical aspects relating to the platform I use. From time to time functions and upgrades do not work, saved work can be lost and I have to start all over again! It can get very frustrating at times.

What effects do you think the rise of blogging has had?
The food and beverage industry are starting to value the powerful influence bloggers have when it comes to choosing restaurants and products. Bloggers are far more likely to give a frank opinion of their restaurant/product experience.  On another note, the emergence of food blogging has seen a steady decline in the need or desire for food print publications.

Who is your favourite celeb chef and why?
It has to be Raymond Blanc. I really don’t like the term celebrity chef as for me he is first and foremost a chef. I really enjoy watching him prepare classic dishes and sharing secrets he has learned from Maman Blanc. His enthusiasm for food is addictive and his passion and love for his cuisine is boundless.

What does your family/partner think of your blog?
My husband is very complimentary, patient and supportive. He enjoys food as much as I do so he can see the benefits of me cooking and blogging. And at times, although it doesn’t happen very often, I let him in the kitchen and he whips up a treat!



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