60 seconds with Jackie of I Am A Feeder

Today we are meeting the lovely Jackie Lee from England. Jackie is the food blogger behind iamafeeder.com

What motivated you to blog about food?

I had always loved food and cooking but never considered making anything of it. However, I had just got a new camera, was in my final year of University and had been ‘stress cooking’ to help me through finals season. As a result all of the photos I was taking was of food and so I decided it was about time to start a food blog and document my recipes.

What’s your signature dish?

I have this lamb dish I’ve literally made for every boyfriend I’ve ever had. I won’t say too much about it now as it’s my featured dish for the Nudie Foodies (http://www.nudiefoodies.com – a charity naked cookbook/calendar for Japan), but it’s an adaptation of a dish my mother cooked, with my own twist. It really is delicious, though!


What’s been your ultimate meal to date?

I was lucky enough to spend the beginning of this year travelling around the world eating at some of the best restaurants in the world, but the absolute ultimate was had at Chicago’s Alinea, the brainchild of Grant Achatz. Spread across twenty-one courses, every single component was surprising and different – I literally giggled my way through the meal, feeling like a kid in a sweet shop. I would fly back in an instant to go again.


Any comical kitchen failures?

Oh boy, so many. Should we start with the time I put my dough in the fridge and it kept rising until it had exploded all over the surfaces, creating a dough monster? Or perhaps the time I tired to make Linzer cookies and they turned into deformed little dog-turd shapes? (I still ate them, though…) Oh, or even better, I’ve been trying to adapt a grape cake recipe of late and my most recent attempt was cooked on the outside and still raw in the middle, despite my cake-tester coming out clean and baking it for two and a half hours. And this one was more painful than comical – I was making some monkey bread but was using an angel food cake pan with a removable base instead of a bundt pan (which doesn’t have a removable base). I took it out of the oven, let it cool for five minutes then tried to remove it as I didn’t want the caramel to get hard. I pushed up the bottom and the entire fresh-from-the-oven-hot pan fell onto my bare arm, not only burning me but covering me in piping hot caramel. To add insult to injury (literally) I then dropped the monkey bread on the floor. Doh.


What’s your favorite part of the food blogging process?

I really enjoy the story. Food is not just sustenance; it’s a memory and a tale. My favourite blog posts are the ones that dig into the past and tell a story, whether it’s pate I make that reminds me of my grandfather, or a birthday cake that I baked for a boyfriend the day before he left the country. I love sharing those stories because it reminds others of their own family and loved ones, of their own past. My favourite comments on those posts are always the ones that share a story with me too.


How has food blogging changed your life?

I never anticipated the community I would be joining when I started food blogging. I honestly did it because I needed a distraction away from finals, then all of a sudden I had friends all over the world who were supportive, kind and incredible. I got to meet many of them recently when I was travelling, which was one of the best things I’ve ever done.



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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food May 27, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie during her trip around the US and she is such a lovely person. A great feature on a truly talented blogger.

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