60 seconds with Food and Travel Blogger, The Decadent Drifter at #FBC15

London resident, Lauren (@DecadentDrifter) who blogs at The Decadent Drifter is attending #FBC15 for the first time this September! 


What are you most looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year?

As an FBC first timer, I am full of apprehension and excitement. I’ve been blogging for a while now but (I am ashamed to say) this will be my first food blogger’s event! I am most looking forward to meeting other writers, getting some insider info about the next big trends in blogging and maybe even learning some tricks of the trade!


Is blogging your full time job? If not, what is your day job?

I am a full time writer but unfortunately not a full time blogger. I currently do freelance marketing for various restaurants in London, including copy writing for their monthly marketing e-campaigns. I am also just about to start on a fast-track journalism course with a view to fine tune my writing skills and I will hopefully go on to work for an established publication.

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What first motivated you to blog? What are your future aspirations – both for the blog and for any related activity?

While working with restaurants I came into contact with a number of amazingly talented food bloggers. Their enthusiasm for dining and their ability to engage their readers with their passion really appealed to me. So when I left my job and moved out to Paris it felt like the perfect time to document my culinary adventures. After two years in France, I am now based back in London and the blog has gone from strength to strength. I hope to continue to grow my following and write about my marvellous experiences around London (and hopefully all over the globe)!

im-going-toWhich other bloggers do you follow most closely?

I have a huge girl crush on Trish Deseine. Having grown up in Northern Ireland she now passes her time in the South of France writing about all of her delicious food escapades in both French and English. Surely this is the dream?!

What’s the most unusual restaurant you have ever eaten at?

Paris is full of amazingly unique restaurants; Dans Le Noir, the restaurant where you are plunged into complete darkness and served by blind waiters, Le Refuge Fondue, the quirky fondue restaurant where wine is served in baby’s bottles or Le Calbar, (review here) where all of the waiters serve you in just their boxer shorts! But none of these could surpass the bewildering outlandishness of Tokyo’s Robot restaurant. Who can say they have eaten their dinner while watching a battle between pandas, robots, Zulu warriors and mermaids riding on the back of a 12ft long mechanical shark? And all serenaded by a band of power rangers? Not your average Tuesday night at Pizza Express I can tell you!

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What cookbooks have you added to your collection recently? 

I am a cookbook fiend. I could spend hours in a book shop picking out my next recipes and it feels like such an indulgent treat when I do. I’ve recently been adding to my collection with books from my favourite restaurants, the idea f being able to recreate some of their beloved dishes at home is just too tempting. I’m currently dipping into Polpo’s Venetian Delights and attempting to put my own spin on Barafina’s dainty tapas dishes.

What attributes make a good cookbook for you? Which cookbook do you return to time and time again?
I may be a bit of a child when I’m picking out a book, I love the pictures. I always tend to go for the ones with amazing food photography, that makes me salivate right there in the middle of Waterstones! Having said that, the cookbook that I return to time after time, has barely any pictures at all! It’s an ancient book of the mothers which has become somewhat of a family heirloom, the Reader’s Digest’s ‘The Cookery Year’. It is packed full of every recipe you could every dream of and their Yorkshire puddings work every time!

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool or appliance – either a new addition or a trusted old favourite?

In Paris I took an amazing Croissant making course at a little culinary school on the Seine. Being a master pàtissière takes a lot of hard work but after a bit of practice, I have finally managed to nail the perfect pain ay chocolat, so at the moment my two prized utensils are my pastry cutter and flour brush, as they represent that achievement for me!

What other influences or interests would you say make for a great food blog – travel, fashion, tech, lifestyle?

I think when blogging it’s most important to write about the things you are most passionate about. For me that’s food, restaurants and travel, but if you’ve got a talent for styling or a love of beauty products then there’s no reason why you can’t write about those too. Your readers will feel your enthusiasm and be all the more engaged.



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