60 Seconds with London Blogger Supergolden Bakes Attending #FBC14

London based blogger Lucy Parissi (@supergolden88) from Supergolden Bakes is joining us at FBC this year for the first time!

Lucy_portrait copy

Would you like to become a full time blogger and have a career in this?

Yes in an ideal world I would love to become a full time blogger. I am still learning a lot about blogging and interacting with other bloggers and brands. Hopefully attending Food Blogger Connect will help!

What motivated you to blog and how has blogging changed your life?

I have always loved baking and cooking. Initially the blog was just a way to pass the time and document the recipes I was making but it quickly developed into a lot more than that. I love developing recipes, photographing, styling and writing about food. I would love for the blog to grow as I discover more recipes and experiment with flavours.

What’s your signature dish?

This black magic cake with the most delicious Baileys salted caramel buttercream has become a bit of a signature dish.

Super Golden Bakes Cakes

Which other bloggers do you follow most closely?

I follow a number of bloggers – a lot of them from the US and Canada. I have met a number of UK bloggers at food events but would love to meet and interact with more bloggers at Food Blogger Connect.

What food blogging trends are you enjoying at the minute?

I am dipping in and out of various food /nutrition trends such as the Primal and Paleo diets while at the same time trying to perfect patisserie classics – I guess I am torn! I want my cake and to eat it too!

Supergolden Bakes

What attributes make a good cookbook for you?

I own too many cookbooks – an entire wall, floor to ceiling worth. I am a book designer so a lot of those books I got through work but I also buy an awful lot of cookbooks. A great cookbook for me lives or dies on the strength of the recipes – I have a lot of cookbooks that are perfectly styled and photographed but I never cook from them. I recently bought First Prize Pies and Persiana.

To achieve a successful blog what comes first – the dishes, the styling, the photography or the words?

Everything needs to come together in harmony. Usually I start with a flavour or recipe idea and I build around it, do a little sketch of how I want it to look etc. The photography and styling are frequently determined by the type of food, the colour and texture of the ingredients and so on. The words usually come last for me.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance?

I love my KitchenAid but the appliance I use the most is a tiny mini chopper (Magimix). I want to get a spiraliser and a mandoline – on the wish list at the moment.



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