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FBC is bursting at the seems when it comes to community and we love to hear stories from returning FBC Alumni! Join us in welcoming back Chloe (@gannetandparrot) from Gannet & Parrot and Emma-Jane (@CakesCatwalks) of Cakes and Catwalks who met each other for the first time last year at FBC5 over spoonfuls Chobani yoghurt!

 Sarka Babicka

Tell us a bit about you and your blog

My name is Chloë King (@gannetandparrot) and I blog at Gannet & Parrot.

Where are you coming from this year?

East Sussex.

What are you most excited for at Food Blogger Connect this year?

I came for just one day last year so I am excited to be attending for the full weekend this time. I met lots of lovely people, learnt some valuable things and ate delicious food so I am expecting the same again, times three!

Tell us a bit about your buddy!

My buddy is Emma-Jane (@CakesCatwalks) of Cakes and Catwalks. We met at last year’s event and I’ve since been admiring her cake decoration skills through her blog. There is some advanced baking going on there!  Emma-Janes icing skills are incredible and I particularly like her hand-painted cupcakes. For my own kitchen I am keen to try her orange and lemon cheesecake mug cake and her homemade iced gems, now they’re a blast from the past.

Tell us a bit about your blog – what’s your inspiration and what do you hope to do with it?

I started my blog on Halloween 2012 with a post that made absolutely no reference to the event. It was a tentative start inspired by my being out of work but full of ideas following the birth of my first child. I’ve since written about all sorts of things, from recipes inspired by my grandmother’s journal  to events and interviews. I never imagined how many opportunities would come my way as a result of having a blog. In the last year I’ve made new friends, started a supper club, helped to organise a food festival and been invited to take part in some excellent workshops. Who knows where my blog will take me next…


Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely? Tell us something you learned from reading other blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?

 My number one favourite has to be Kerstin Rodger’s blog. She gave a brilliant talk at last year’s event. I enjoy many of the big ones, David Lebovitz is fantastic, as is Helen Graves  and Miss Foodwise. There are so many but I also enjoy The View from the Table, Always So Hungry  and Hunter Gather Cook.

What’s your signature dish?

My signature dish is probably the rabbit and Harveys Copperwheat pie that I cooked as the main course for my first supper club. Topped with homemade puff pastry it’s a recipe that I’m really proud of, even if the post I wrote about it isn’t my best!

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? What’s the hottest item on your shopping list?

I don’t really go in for kitchen gadgets, preferring to do things the old fashioned way. I probably get most use out of my Kenwood electric beaters and a hand blender. I think a Microplane grater is well worth investing in, as is a small le Creuset for making bechamel and a proper long-handled omelette pan for getting good heat under things.

FBC14 Badge - Food Blogger Connect 2014Tell us a bit about you and your blog!

profile image - black & white

The amazing Emma Jane at (@CakesCatwalks)


What are you most excited for at Food Blogger Connect this year?

I first attended FBC last year and it was brilliant! I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the bloggers I met last year and meeting new bloggers too.

Tell us a bit about your buddy!

I met Chloe (@gannetandparrot) at FBC5 as we enjoyed some Chobani yoghurt between presentations – we paired up this year along with a few other bloggers from FBC5. Chloe is a food blogger at Gannet and Parrot – posting recipes and foodie experiences. Each blog post is beautifully photographed which really adds depth to her posts, Chloe’s blog has a wonderful sense of nostalgia – with photos from her childhood and a fantastic series of recipes from her grandmother’s hand-written ‘Ration Recipes’ cook book – I love the sense of history and inheritance that this brings to her blog, what a precious thing to share 🙂  I love the sound of Chloe’s apricot ice cream – a recipe from her grandmother’s journal, I’ve just purchased an ice cream maker so this flavour is definitely going on the list! 

Tell us a bit about your blog – what’s your inspiration and what do you hope to do with it?

I started blogging back in 2011, really as a way to record my baking recipes (I was rubbish at writing things down) – it was an easy way to refer friends and families to the source when they asked for recipes I’d created. I remember the first time I got a comment from someone I didn’t know – a few months later I decided to start blogging a bit more seriously – and although I don’t blog as frequently as I’d like to, it’s really helped me to learn and improve as a baker. Last year I took the plunge and decided to the baking to the next level, starting my own business baking cakes for special occasions, weddings and commercial events. Truthfully, my self-employed remit it a lot more diverse than this – but I have plans to expand things further this year, it’s great being able to earn a living doing things I love.

Cakes & Catwalks smallWhat’s your signature dish?

My favourite recipe so far is for my courgette, lemon and lime cake – I could literally eat this at any time of day.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance?

I love my K-Mix and use it almost every day, as a baker it’s invaluable and I wouldn’t be without it.

These two bloggers will be a great addition to #FBC14.  So excited to see you there!



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