60 seconds with #FBC14 Alumni Renata of Hungry Larder

At FBC, we see ourselves as a community, even a family, so it’s always great when we have returning community members.  Southeast London blogger Renata (@hungrylarder) from Hungry Larder returns to FBC and we can’t wait to hear what she’s been up to this year!

Renata_HungryLarderWhat are you most excited for at Food Blogger Connect this year?

I attended FBC last year and was on a high for 3 days + at least a few more afterwards. Speakers, fellow FBCers, The Food (!), the atmosphere, it was such a great event! This year, the labs look really good, and I’m particularly looking forward to the food writing one. Meeting other bloggers is very inspirational and a lot of fun. And of course, the feeding frenzy at StrEAT Party is a highlight.

Tell us a bit about your buddy!

I met Teresa from Tasting Portugal at last year’s FBC. I’m crazy about Portuguese food, and sharing a common language, we quickly got on and pretty much discussed food the entire time. Her blog has traditional Portuguese recipes, and she’s a very talented photographer too.  oh, she has some marvelous dishes there! I can never resist offal, and when I tried her Stewed Pig’s Heart recipe, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. NOT to be missed: 

 Tell us a bit about your blog!

I created the blog as a sideshow to the supper club I started running a year ago. It’s a mixture of recipes, notes on food places mainly in London, some travelling, and a place to document the progress of my Green Door supper club. Inspiration comes a lot from food I grew up with in Sao Paulo, but also from everywhere I look at in London. It is such a good place for food, no matter what your budget or appetite. And from travelling, of course. I also learned to think very differently about food since meeting my vegetarian husband and cooking with ingredients I didn’t value so much before. Classics from my childhood are always somewhere in my cooking. The omnipresence of butter comes from watching my grandmother cook. From my Mum I learned the one dish nobody should have to live without: aubergine parmiggiana. And my Dad showed me how to think creatively about salads! And to make the world’s best mortadella sandwich, which I plan to publish on The Hungry Larder soon. Both the blog and the supper club remain a hobby only – at least for now. I don’t have The Big Plan for it, and am happy with the day job. For now, blogging remains the exciting weekend lover.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.51.25 PM

Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely?

I love Smitten Kitchen. Love her recipes, her writing style, and the photos are so beautiful. There’s a Brazilian food blog I check often: The Cookie Shop, which has a page in English too. Her cakes are fantastic, and she’s a very funny writer too. The cute-as-pie Dulce Delight is also run by a Brazilian, even though it’s based in NY and it’s in English. It’s pretty much a masterclass on how to run short recipe videos. I wouldn’t know salt could taste so wildly different if it wasn’t for David Lebovitz‘s blog. For food photography, it’s hard to beat I Am a Food Blog. It’s stunning. For general inspiration and a 5 minute break from a stressful day at work: Design Sponge, always (there’s a great recipe-project for butter there). And Cafe Fernando is pretty faultless, with original recipes and beautiful images. From FBC pals I met last year, blogs that stood out for me were: Happy Healthy Hungry, Whatever Gets You Through The Day, JulsKitchen, Tasting Portugal, Mondo Mulia. What I am gradually learning from other blogs is to pay closer attention to artwork and photography. I’m not a natural at snapping pictures or at visual art, and tend to neglect that side of the blog. Whilst I still want the text and recipes to remain the blog’s biggest pull, looking at other food blogs inspire me to ‘prettify’ my pages a bit.

What’s your signature dish?

Judging by the number of clicks on the blog, I’ll go with the coriander and chickpea flour fish cakes, which I make every time I have some leftover fish lying around.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance?

 Easy: my grandmother’s manual egg whites beater. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the only one I use, battered as it is, because it brings happy memories of her kitchen.



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