60 Seconds with FBC Alumni @Eat_Your_ Veg blogger Louisa Returning to FBC14!

Self-confessed veggieholic & blogaholic Louisa Foti (@Eat_Your_Veg) from Eat Your Veg provides yummy recipes for kids & families that are healthier, seasonal, local & sustainable and she is joining us again this year at #FBC14!

J-F-Me-Edited.jpgWhat have you most enjoyed and learned from former FBC conferences?

I attended FBC in 2013 for my first time and loved every second. Amazing to meet so many fellow foodie bloggers and connect in the flesh so to speak with so many people I’d only previously met on Twitter. The speakers were outstanding, motivating and interesting and the StrEAT Party food positively heavenly. One of the most enjoyable weekends ever and I wouldn’t miss this years for anything!

Is blogging your full time job? If not, what is your day job? 

I started blogging a few years ago as a hobby, and am now on third consecutive blog and definitely put full time hours in to it!. Each blog getting more professional and focused, Eat Your Veg is a healthy eating children’s and family food site which I launched last September and is where my passion truly lies. Whilst it’s not yet paying for itself I hope that one day, along with the teaching and cook school that run alongside it, it will!

What motivated you to blog and how has blogging changed your life? 

Blogging has totally changed my life, staring as a hobby when I had two very tiny children and a new life in rural France. Now I’m back in the UK and my children are almost both at school I’ve turned it into a career. As well as the blog I teach in local schools and am planning to run kids healthy cook days through the holidays. I’d love to have my own apps and cookbook one day, maybe even a range of child-focused cookware. Who knows!

Eat Your Veg

What’s your signature dish?

It would have to be my Bread Tarts! A cross between a quiche, eggy bread, a toastie and an omelette and a totally delish and healthy homemade treat. Easy and quick for wee hands to make and packed full of goodness which just about sums up my whole ethos behind Eat Your Veg. They’ve been made countless times with my kids and at school.



If you are a returning FBC Alumni, are any of them friends you met at FBC? Have you stayed in touch with any bloggers you met last time?

I met so many lovely people at FBC5, most of which have definitely become my friends and I’ve been in regular contact with ever since. FBC5 was my first ever blogging conference and to be honest it felt a good deal like AA for food bloggers! Amazing to be in a room with so many people afflicted with the same passionate bug as me, an affliction most of my friends outside of the blogging world simply do not ‘get’! Meeting so many likeminded people has also been a huge driver of motivation for me.

Does blogging shape your approach to food and what you eat now?

I’m convinced we’ve become healthier eaters since I started writing Eat Your Veg. As it’s focus it extremely healthy by nature and I pretty much make absolutely everything from scratch we’ve increasingly cut out as a family so many unnecessary fats, sugars and additives. Which has to be a good thing!

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance?

I couldn’t live without my food processor and stick blender, and more recently a freebie blender I was sent. Though I have unrequited hamperings for a Vitamix, I’ve heard too many good things!


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