2014 Foodie New Year Resolutions

At this time of year websites are awash with the usual ‘best of…’ round ups from the year gone by. Yawn, right? We were all there! We at Food Blogger Connect are keen to look forward, not back. It’s only six months until our annual conference for one. So it made sense for us to put our best foodie foot forward and ask food bloggers and enthusiasts what their foodie resolutions are for 2014.

We expected to hear about plans to try new recipes and restaurants or bad kitchen habits to break. But we were inundated with inspiring and varied responses. We’ve selected a few to share that will hopefully arm you with ideas for the next few months. Top of everyone’s grub driven things to do lists should be to buy a ticket to the Food Blogger Connect Conference in June (if you haven’t already, it’s not too late!)


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First up is our very own social media whizz Benedicte Soteras (@EggBenedicte), she kicks things off with her foodie goals for the year ahead. Benedicte says: “I’m going to take time to learn about ingredients and where they come from plus get cooking tips from my own family. My gran and my mum are both amazing cooks. They have such an incredible instinct when it comes to making delicious dishes and desserts and I want to take advantage of that – which will involve a lot of tasting sessions too!”

IMG_8413Italian food blogger Federica Silvi (@edgwareviabank) is the creative force behind whatevergetsyouthroughtheday.wordpress.com and has big plans for 2014. Federica says: “’Can you make pizza?’ is a question I get asked every time I tell someone that I’m Italian. Much to my despair, the answer is ‘no’. I’ve tried more than once, and failed miserably. I hope to reverse this negative trend in 2014. And despite living in the UK for three years no – I’ve never had afternoon tea! It is an iconic British experience and given that tea, scones and pastries are involved it’d be a crime not to try it!”

Danielle Ellis (@EdinburghFoody) runs edinburghfoody.com and shares her goals. Danielle says: “I spent a very memorable 5 days perfecting bread making at Richard Bertinet’s last March. I’ve been baking more and more each week. Now I’d really like to experience baking in a commercial bakery. So my resolution is to do just that!”

Food enthusiast Louise Gardener (@Loulougardiner) plans to start her own blog in 2014 and buy a ticket to the FBC conference. Hurrah! Louise says: “I’m passionate about Paleo/Primal food. There are a number of US food bloggers that cover this topic and I hope my blog will become a UK based voice. I first heard about Paleo three years ago. I was trying to come to terms with the death of my father, and my body felt really run down. My homeopath recommended the Paleo way of eating as part of my healing process. I became fascinated and recently decided that 2014 is going to be the year that I get to share my story with others via a food blog.”

Nadine Pierce (@nadinepierce) runs successful food blog eatingedinburgh.com and plans to be both generous and resourceful in her foodie resolutions for next year. Nadine says: “By next Christmas everyone will be receiving homemade foodie and drink gifts using produce from my garden and from the smokery I’m building this year. I have recently moved into a new pad in the Scottish countryside with a big garden and plenty of room. It’s time to make my foodie dreams come true including getting some chickens.”

image.jpegHelen Best-Shaw (@fussfreehelen) is a freelance food and recipe writer and can be found blogging about affordable healthy food at www.fussfreeflavours.com Helen says: “I want to give my system a break in January and I’ll be working with Brita to completely cut down on alcohol. I also want to explore Macrobiotics more and I am very interested in the wholistic approach of the lifestyle. Once January is over I want to learn more about coffee, chocolate and wine and possibly study for my WSET.”

Sophie Maulevrier (@feeriaunique) runs her food blog Feeria’s Cookery Journal found at food.oohmyworld.com and will be opening her food horizons in 2014.
Sophie says: “This year is going to be full of foodie discoveries from around the world. First up: Italy with some traditional Apulian recipes in January, then perfecting some French recipes that require specific techniques (like the traditional “fish or poultry quenelle”). Finally, I am hoping to expose myself to Asian recipes certainly Cantonese, Indian or Vietnamese cuisine.”


For Hilary Sturzaker (@mymonkfish) writes www.mymonkfish.com it’s all about the big trends for 2014.
Hilary says: “We’re seeing street food all over the UK as a growing trend. The other trend that I’m particularly into is the increasing interest in restaurant interiors, it’s not just about the food anymore. Punters want the whole experience now. Food resolutions will be to keep buying local and supporting my local farmers and producers.”

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Feel free to let us know what you think of these resolutions and let us know what your own are for 2014 by commenting below.


Judy-Cogan-PicJudy Cogan

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Judy (@Judycogan) is a freelance journalist who started out as a hack and now writes and edits food, travel and lifestyle features for national newspapers and magazines in the UK, the Middle East and beyond. With constantly itchy feet she loves to travel and has visited countries including China, India and Norway getting involved in the local culture and making good friends as she goes – then writing about them! On Judy’s first visit to Lebanon in March she fell for the country in a big way through its delicious food and lovely people (who like to eat and drink as much as she does). A chefs dream, she likes her steaks still mooing, curries hot and is slowly learning it’s not always a good idea to announce ‘I’ll eat anything!’ all around the world.



5 Responses to 2014 Foodie New Year Resolutions

  1. Ceri January 7, 2014 at 3:28 am #

    I missed your post to offer up my own resolutions – but I just wrote a blog post of all of mine! Trying and learning new cuisines, seaweed, eating mindfully, less sugar and other stuff like that!

  2. John January 7, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

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  3. david January 12, 2014 at 8:16 am #

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