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Welcome Bakalian Flour Mills at FBC #Lebanon!

SIDUL | Bakalian Flour Mills, is a fourth generation family run business and Lebanon’s leading wheat flour manufacturer! Get a hold of their all purpose flour in every FBC Lebanon goodie bag!

For a century, Bakalian Flour Mills have produced wheat flours that are unsurpassed in texture and flavor and have built a well-earned reputation amongst quality Artisans and Industrial bakers, as well as Top Chefs and restaurateurs.

Bakalian’s aim is always to unlock the full potential of wheat and to produce flour that performs with excellence.

This short documentary features some insight on the milling process and our company. Check it out!

SIDUL corporate doc from SIDUL on Vimeo.

If you wish to learn more about where to buy Bakalian Flour Mills products please contact them directly at


3 Responses to “Welcome Bakalian Flour Mills at FBC #Lebanon!”

  1. quality Artisans and Industrial bakers I love this Product :)

  2. Serge Kozikojoukian says:

    interesting documentary


  1. […] down by goodie bags almost bursting, packed full with unparalleled products including 961 beer, Bakalian flour mills, Ksara Wine, Get It Right (spatulas from NYC), Miel Du Levant, Awan Tea, Zejd Organic Olive Oil, […]

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